10 January, 2007


Hello friends, enemies, family, vagabonds. Today was my 2nd day in Geneva, CH, and I am loving it here. I have not uploaded any pics to my computer yet, so you will have to wait for some of those. Last night I went to a local bar with 3 other guys and 3 girls from the program. Everthing here is a good walk from the John Knox centre where I live, but I love the countryside - you can see both the Juras and the Alps from the front door of the centre. I took a run this morning at 630 with the guys I went to the bar with, and it was maybe one of the harder things Ive done in a while. I didnt vomit afterwards, which is progress for me. We watched a bit of the sunrise over the alps at the end of about a 2 1/2 mile jog. Although I felt a bit woozy and shakey afterward,but the cold shower felt amazing. Today we went to the US Mission, The UN, the Red Cross Museum. Nothing too special, but it was interesting. I got an ID for the UN library with my picture on it, and ate in the UN cafeteria. I dont have much time now, dinner is in a bit and I have to change. The cook, Jose, is a Spaniard and speaks no english, only french and spanish. He roasted a whole lamb, so I am looking forward to it. Latas.