01 February, 2007

More pictures for those without facebook - I am gone in Madrid for the weekend, this should keep people happy

Alaine, Kevin, Me before our trek up the cliff to the Monastery of Death

Drinking some Vin Chaud atop Villars-Bretaye resort. Beautiful mountains, easy skiing.

I love my bright yellow turtle. You could spot me from the farthest peak in this picture with it on. Imagine skiing whilst looking at that. Thats the most dangerous part of Alps skiing, the view.

31 January, 2007

Spectacular Spectacular

Please enjoy the Alps in my Union Suit. Lord knows I did.

This past weekend, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of skiing the Alps. It was amazing. Although we may have chosen a resort that was a bit to easy, Gryon, it was still a blast, and the hostel we stayed at, Chalet Martin, was this unbelievable Swiss Chalet. After a day of skiing, we decided we should relax at some Thermal Pools in the nearby town of Lavez-Les Bains. If you parlez francias, you know the meaning of that. Anyhow, upon traveling down the Mt., and taking a train to St. Maurice to catch the bus to the pools, we (Alaine, Kevin, I) discovered that something was wrong with the bus schedule...we couldnt understand it.

So, like great travelers, we changed our plans and decided to hike up a cliff face to a monastery we spotted just outside of town. Upon asking a very nosehaired man directions, he scoffed, decided we were crazy, told us it was at our own danger and described where to start ascending the 1600 steps up the cliff. We soon understood his manner, because as we where climbing, the ice and snow that had just befallen the region had started to melt under the midday sun. Un petite peu dangereuse. So, we devised a safe-ish system of hugging the wall and covering out heads whenever we heard a loud noise and made our ascent, then eventual descent as we discovered the beautiful monastery carved into the cliff. All in all, a great trip I would say.

Prochaine semaine, Madrid avec Amy, Thomas, et Kevin.