07 March, 2007

The staircase can be quite...treacherous (and rewarding)

Let me preface my Sping Break post by first stating that either Sicily or the Cinqueterre are (hopefully) where I will be when the apocolypse comes.

Sicily takes 23 hours to reach by train from Geneva. Now that eveyone is aware of this, I would advise all to take the train to Taormina. It is well worth it. My Spring Break was a 10 day italian food and wine festival ranging from the olive oily/frutti de mare(seafood) sicilian tastes to the (bland by comparison) Tuscan fare. If it werent for the amazing scenery and hiking in the CinqueTerre, I would have regret my excursion there. I also hit Florence for a day, somewhere I do not visualize myself returning to unless for a good reason. Florence is like New York, only tourists and mean locals. I think I am a small charming Euro-town kind of person.

I wish I could go over all that I did in Italy in one blog post, but this is not possible. I will shorten. Climbed volcano Mt. Etna in a 26km hike. Ate more pasta and seafood infused together than an italian version of 20,000 leagues. Thomas doesnt do directions. The Ionian Sea is freezing in February. Amy is an illiterate. Hiking is treacherous and rewarding. When it rains, people without raincoats and umbrellas (ie, our group) eats to avoid the rain. Gelato deserves to be consumed 2 times a day.

If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns (Vargo 1998) they can skype me. Pictures included should show the Duomo in Siracusa, Me in front of Vernazzo, one of the 5Terre cities, and my group (Thomas, Amy, Alaine plus an annexed Erica). Enjoy