13 February, 2007

A Fruitful weekend

Hello again friends and family. I did not travel outside of Geneva this weekend (unless you count a day excursion to the French Alps to hike, but we didnt go any further than a bus, a tram, another bus, then a 3 mile walk to get to the mountain, and I dont count that), but I did make many plans for future travel. This upcoming weekend, I am planning on hitting Vienna and Salzburg, Austria with Kevin, Molly, and Ginnie. The weekend and week after that is my Spring Break (early I know), and I am heading south with Thomas, Amy, and Alaine to see Sicily, then back up north for the Cinqeterre. In Sicily we are staying in Taormina and Siracusa, with day excursions to climb Mt. Etna, the biggest volcano in Europe, still currently active and spewing liquid hot magma (had to say it). We will also see the beautiful Aeolieon Islands, where the God of Wind (from Homer`s Oddessey) resides. The train to Taormina from Geneva is a measly 20 hours. Aside from planning and hiking, chocolate is the other main point of this post.

Swiss Chocolate. Let me count the ways I love thee.

Lindt, Caillier, Melchior, Toblerone, etc, etc...

In America, I am not much of a chocolate eater. But, this is no America friends. The chocolate here is possibly the greatest thing ever. Whether it be noir, blanc, truffle, avec 76% cacao, or tiramisu infused, they all taste better than the best chocolate you have ever had in the puny land of Hershey. I scoff at Ghirardelli, Hershey, Tollhouse (the chocolate chips).

Moral of the story - It is worth the trip here, if not only for the brown sweets.
Also, enjoy this picture of (L to R) me, Lorena, Kevin, Amy playing in the Swiss snow.