19 January, 2007

Format Change

I have changed my format as the last format was designed solely for A Lesson in Class. The new and improved blog has links. Enjoy suckas.

18 January, 2007

Du Hast

Disclaimer-In my nature of being stubborn, I will be typing this post as if I were typing on an American keyboard. These are not typos...mainly.

I am sitting here in mz office at the IIHL, the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, and I have the most unbelievable view. I am right in front of a window overlooking the whole citz with the alps in the background. Unfortunatelz, todaz is kind of gross and the mountains are mostlz covered in clouds. I am hoping it doesnt rain tomorrow, because I wanted to take a long hike in the Juras, which are a smaller mountain range just outside of Geneva in France.

Saturdaz morning I am going to Luyern (damnit, actuallz its Luzern) with some friends, Ashlez, Shirin, and Kevin. We booked a 3 star hotel for cheaper than the hostel, but Kevin and I have to sneak in later on. Eric told me about a hike called the Grand Round on top of Mt. Pilatus, but I think its not open until Maz. However, thez do have the worlds steepest cog railwaz in the world with the last car being made entirelz of glass so zou can see all down the mountain as zour climbing up. Should be a great hike, but a bit cold. Thez also have a casino there where we will hang out at night. I wish I had brought a tuxedo so badlz right now. I plan on onlz plazing a few games of blackjack, onlz as much as I would be spending on drinks for that night, and if I lose I wont drink. If I win, I maz have a celebratorz drink, but Iàd like to keep anz excess monez that roll mz waz.

I just booked a flight to Lisbon for just over 100 CHF(swiss francs), which was a great deal. That will be in late March, I am verz excited for that trip. As for now, I should get back to doing the work that thez havent given me zet, apparentlz I found the most laid back internship in Geneva, the last interns here said thez didnt have enough to do most of the time. I did bring mz Ipood, so I think iàll listen to Bob Dzlanàs £most of the Time now£.

Debriefing- Reallz, onlz the zs and the ys are displaced on these kezboards, as well as the placements of commas and other grammatical tools. Still annozing.

16 January, 2007

Some Pictures for those w/o FB

The Beautiful view from atop Castle Chillon in Montreaux

A foggy morning nearby where I live

The market in Ferney, France

14 January, 2007


Prices in Geneva are ridiculous. Everything is on the Swiss Franc and they decided that things should cost 3 times as much as they normally should here. A pint of beer costs around 7-9 CHF (Swiss Franc), which is insane. On saturday morning myself and 3 friends decided we should walk to France, when you could easily take the bus. It took around 35 minutes, but was well worth it. There was an open air market in the town, Ferney-Voltaire, and the stalls were filled with beautiful fruits, cheeses, meats, wines, etc. There were oranges almost as big as your head, which was odd. It only cost 2 Euros for 2 Kilos of kiwis, which ended up being around 15 large kiwis, an amazing deal. Also, concerning Peanut Butter: Reckman told me that peanut butter in Europe was gross. I told everyone here the same thing. Someone bought it anyway and there happens to be nothing wrong with it, besides it being expensive. So, either PB is only gross in France, or it is only normal in Geneva.