19 January, 2007

Format Change

I have changed my format as the last format was designed solely for A Lesson in Class. The new and improved blog has links. Enjoy suckas.


Bitter Beard Face said...

Yeah, it's pretty crazy how the IP address recognizes it and changes it over. My blog was in Spanish while I was in Chile. You can switch it back to English in the preferences if you want, since you don't speak German.

And yes, they speak Swiss German in Switzerland, which is a fair bit different than proper high German. It's a dialect of German, not it's own outright language, which means that it has no written form. All Swiss have to learn high German in grade school, because that's what they publish all the newspapers and books in, since there's no established way to write Swiss German. Thus, if a Swiss kid is, say, writing a post-it to his mom in Swiss German, he could spell all the words however the fuck he wanted to and it would be technically correct. You could spell it fuk, if you wanted to, and it would be right. Anyway, that's why the online translators won't recognize it - because it doesn't actually exist, except in spoken form.

Zachary Goren Slovin said...

krazy jermhans