14 January, 2007


Prices in Geneva are ridiculous. Everything is on the Swiss Franc and they decided that things should cost 3 times as much as they normally should here. A pint of beer costs around 7-9 CHF (Swiss Franc), which is insane. On saturday morning myself and 3 friends decided we should walk to France, when you could easily take the bus. It took around 35 minutes, but was well worth it. There was an open air market in the town, Ferney-Voltaire, and the stalls were filled with beautiful fruits, cheeses, meats, wines, etc. There were oranges almost as big as your head, which was odd. It only cost 2 Euros for 2 Kilos of kiwis, which ended up being around 15 large kiwis, an amazing deal. Also, concerning Peanut Butter: Reckman told me that peanut butter in Europe was gross. I told everyone here the same thing. Someone bought it anyway and there happens to be nothing wrong with it, besides it being expensive. So, either PB is only gross in France, or it is only normal in Geneva.

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Bitter Beard Face said...

Way to get back on the horse. Keep it updated, and I'll keep checking it.

And yes, Switzerland is expensive as hell. Why? Because there are no black people or Mexicans there whose labor can be exploited for inexpensive goods. Damn them and their embarrassingly successful, semi-socialist republic.