06 February, 2007

Madrid, Oh how ye toy with my heart.

Hello friends.
I have returneth from Madrid and there I have learned many things.

1. Chorizo al infierno, although means `sausage from hell`, is not that at all. Spanish people do not know how to make spicy food, although they can make one hell of a Paella and Sangria. Besides this, Tapas was all I ate over the weekend. For those that do not know, Tapas are like little appetizer dishes that people order several of to make a whole meal, normally for dinner, which takes place between 9 and 11.
2. Siesta is fantastic. Siesta is a midday nap where the whole city basically shuts down from around 2-5. However, on our stilted time frames, we decided to take ours from 6-9 for some off reason.

3. I can never keep up the Spanish. Not the language, that was fine, but the nightlife. These people expect me to eat dinner at 10pm, go out at 1am, then come home at 6am. Not gonna happen. At best, we may have made it to 3am on friday and saturday night. Lame, i know, but my body was not made for this type of life. Lucky for me, neither were my compatriates, and we were all in aggreeance on when to turn in.

Highlights of Madrid- The Prado museum is amazing (tons of Jesus pictures). The Place de Mayor is a cool square where we saw a horse dancing show; seriously, dancing horses, it was crazy. Pulpo Tapas (octopus) is really really salty, way to salty if you ask me. Met North Star friend Josh Frost and he was able to show us some of the sights. Saw roughly 40 hookers all on one street near the Puerto del Sol, one of them hissed at Thomas which was funny.

In the most ignorant words possible, Madrid is like a more expensive, cleaner Mexico.

Pictures include dancing horse show and Thomas with Paella and Sangria.