22 March, 2007

All of my pictures in one big bang (thanks to CERN)

Hopefully this will work...

-these are my trips to Padua, Venice, and the Geneva Auto Show

-these are day trips i took to save money to Basel, Neuchatel, Gruyeres, and Lausanne

-spring break in Sicily, Florence, and the CinqueTerre

-Salzburg and Vienna, Austria (so far my facorite country)

-Luzern, Bern, and Madrid

-Orientation Week in Geneva and around Lac Leman.

Now, of course I have taken more pictures than this, but this is all that I have posted on facebook, which means the others are either confidential, or not as good of pictures (or both). In any case, this is a new method of sharing my pictures with family that are sans facebook, so I am not sure if it will work. I encourage people to leave comments as to the pictures and the funcionality of the links. Soon I will update on Padua, Venice, and my upcoming weekend in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Bitter Beard Face said...

The pictures worked for me. But then, I am a Facebookee. Looks like you're getting around. I just realized I have some Czech crowns I should have given to change over in Europe.