26 April, 2007

Sorry everyone

Ive kind of lost it in terms of blogging. I didnt keep up properly, and now I will be home in less than 3 weeks. So, rather than try to fulfill my lost cause, I will fulfill each and every one of you that asks upon my return. Ive had an amazing semester that has taken me all over western and some of eastern europe. I am still amazed at the places Ive seen and the places I still intend to go in my life. My favorite country has been Austria followed by Slovenia then Portugal. My favorite foods are Rösti and Wienerschnitzel (enjoyed with a great beer). Last weekend I hiked alone in the Jungfraujoch Bernese Oberland region and I will never be able to replicate how I felt washing my face in an alpine stream, lying in a bed of ready to melt snow and waking up to watch the sun rise of the Monk and Eiger Peaks 3 hours after it should have risen. I love the Alps and I will miss them as soon as I am home, but for now, I miss home and the people there.

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